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This page is for all Orton-Gillingham tutors– a collection of my recommendations and resources.

Our blog collaborates with the RLAC blog on a series called “Multisensory Mondays” where we each offer a tip for multisensory practice every Monday. Here is a link to a cool activity for the “Floss Rule”.

The Barton Reading and Spelling System will make your tutoring easier and more enjoyable! Less lesson preparation and more time actually working with kids!

High Noon Books publishes a set of “decodable” chapter books (Sound-Out Chapter Books) as well as High Noon Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling, and Fluency and they all work together! I love all of their products!

Writing Skills by Diana Hanbury King is a program I use with my kids who need help with organization and grammar. The picture is a link to the Level 2 Student book; you may need a different level depending on your student.

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  1. raffibandarian says:

    Dr. Diana Hanbury King was a true pioneer in the field of early intervention for dyslexia. Students need to be identified as soon as possible to avoid developing poor coping habits, like avoidance to manage their struggles. One-one-one, explicit, multi-sensory instruction should be the front line of treatment for dyslexic students.
    I wrote this blog about her typing program that I have used with dozens of students struggling with dysgraphia.

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