What our clients have to say:

“Thank you for being an excellent teacher for our son. I read the section you wrote to him and I know it made him feel proud. Thank you. Yesterday he had a significant amount of math homework and Mike and I were delighted to see him tackle the task with confidence. He even reviewed a video on Kahn Academy when he needed a little extra help. We were so lucky to have your help during the many months of the pandemic. E. is now interested in learning chemistry. I believe your work with him has allowed the window to math to remain open for him which is such a gift. I wish you and your family all the best.” (to Jane Miller)
-Gina F. in San Francisco, CA 9/24/2021
“I just wanted to let you know that tutoring with L. is going great. She really likes it thus far. We were worried about her resistance and attitude, but this morning as we were talking about the indefinite school closure that starts on Monday, she asked whether she could just do a bunch of tutoring because she likes it so much! I’m hoping her positive attitude stays put as it gets harder, but I wanted to send you this preliminary note letting you know it’s going great. Thank you.”
– Janae H. in Olympia, WA 3/13/2020

We included the following quote about the importance accommodations in our newsletter: “Fairness is not giving everyone the same thing. It is giving everyone what they need to succeed.”

Here was one parent’s reply:

“This quote in your newsletter from yesterday could not be better illustrated than with our son’s recent achievement. 
Without any accommodations, Sam obtained a score of 33 on the Reading Inventory (RI) test at the beginning of the year in second grade at Kennesaw elementary school (KES). Yesterday, Sam took the RI test again, but with the accommodations he needs as recently laid out in his IEP (e.g., frequent breaks to help him refocus, taking the test at an optimal time of the day, etc.). He scored 486! This now puts him in the actual range level for second grade, and is an accurate evaluation of his reading level, as tested in person with his teachers. This would not be fair to say that this amazing score is only the result of test accommodations, and his second-grade teachers at KES. It is also, without a doubt, the result of the incredible and tireless work that Kathleen is doing with Sam every single week. Her patience, and expertise are an asset to Sam’s success.

Recently, teachers at KES asked the students to write on their Thanksgiving turkey drawing what they are thankful for. When Sam brought his turkey artwork home, Lance and I found out what he is thankful for: his dad, his mom, books, and… Ms Kathleen. So are we!

All the best,
Virginia, Lance, and Sam” -12/6/18

Stephanie is great! Max is really enjoying his sessions and tells me all about them. I see his confidence growing already. He said he wishes he could do school online like how he and Stephanie meet. LOL!!
Thank you so much!” -Melissia Millan 7/18/2018

Leanne is amazing and P. loves tutoring! She is so excited about all that she is learning. ” -Kate Parks 7/9/2018

“If anyone from anywhere in the world is looking for a way to have their child read and spell, due to dyslexia, I cannot recommend online tutoring enough with Leane Priest who has bridge the gap, given confidence and achieved just this. She uses the Orton-Gillingham approach and The Barton Reading and Spelling System.” -Tessa Alliker on Facebook 6/22/2018

“I have been looking over E’s MAP scores and I want to share with you that she has moved from the 68th percentile (winter) to the 91st percentile (spring)! Her growth projection was 11 and she grew 15 RIT points.When looking at the 4 domains in reading she scored “high” in 3 out of 4 of them. High is equivalent to a 4 on a scale of 1-4. She scored average (like a 2 on the 1 to 4 scale) in language and writing. I would expect this with her dyslexia. What shocked me the most was the “high” in foundational skills as I expected it to be lower. This shows the clear path you have followed with her. You have taken the time to fill in the missing gaps and ensure that she has the “foundation” she needs to succeed.

Ms. Ellen– We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the time and care that you take with our girl.
Dite- Thank you for finding Ellen and sending her our way.
Our family will forever be grateful to you both.

We look forward to continuing the work!” -Martina and Max Baerman June 2018

“Ladder Learning Services is great- we couldn’t be happier with Dite (our tutor) or the wonderful wealth of knowledge she has about dyslexia. She’s always been willing and eager to talk and share her resources, and always tries to accommodate our sometimes wacky schedule. I highly recommend Ladder Learning Services!” -Jill L. 5/25/218 on Nextdoor.com
“As a teacher and a mother, I highly recommend Ladder Learning Services. They are professionals who understand what challenges dyslexia bring towards learning and have strategies to help. My child has grown in confidence and skills since working with them.” -Alicia B. April 2018 on Nextdoor.com
“This is a wonderful company that really helped my daughter with her dyslexia. Carol was an amazing tutor. This company is also well organized and takes a personal interest in those they help. I can not say enough good things. I highly recommend! Bravo!” -Laurelanne Davis Recommended us on Alignable 4-5-18
Kirk is an outstanding tutor.  He truly makes learning fun for Caitlyn.  I don’t know what we would do without him.  I love his enthusiasm and his teaching style.  He always goes above and beyond to assist Caitlyn with math & Caitlyn always feels a 100 times more confident after working with him.” -Vicki K. 1-31-2018

“We went to P.’s IEP meeting last week and they said she has shown tremendous improvement!   We were excited to hear that!” -S. Hardy 4-13-17

“Hi Emma, Thank you for your weekly lesson notes. [lately] M. has expressed greater confidence in tackling unknown words she encounters in her schoolwork. She also excitedly challenges herself to read unknown words she encounters when we’re together (which gives us great pleasure to witness).  Yesterday, it was the word ‘sequential.’  She was able to infer the meaning, too. We’re having fun with her fresh confidence and the skills she’s acquiring from her tutoring with you. Thank you!”-S. Griffin 10/24/16

“I just wanted to drop a note to say how pleased with are w/ Elaina’s progress [with Ellen] in the last 1.5 years. She has gone from a struggling reader to a child who loves to read and begs for a few minutes more so that she can keep going in Harry Potter. We know that as a dyslexic child, she will always face some challenges in reading/spelling, but she has much more confidence now and is really progressing well…
Thanks again.” -Laurie G. 7-26-16

“Ella just got end of year reports back and she did fantastic! She made jumps in her RIT Projection to RIT Growth in the double-digits for reading and Lang Arts….and was able to  pop a bit above the Norm Grade Level in Math! We are all very pleased and send our gratitude for all your hard work!…From 68 to 86. She literally caught up dead even with District grade level in Reading!” – J. Wade 5/26/16

Stephanie, Cody said he is enjoying tutoring….HALLELUJAH!!! He said it was fun??? 😉 I also noticed he seemed to be a lot more confident with the online tutoring. Sounds like it is going very well. Thank you!” -Tammie C. 12-10-15

“We have used Ladder Learning Services for the last 3 years for my son and have been extremely pleased with our tutors and our son’s progress. I highly recommend them!” -L.T. on Care.com 10/28/15

“This service was a real lifesaver. Unwittingly we were a couple of years behind with some serious gaps and working with the tutor in the summer was a great benefit. They came to our house or the children’s day care as needed. Highly recommended!” – Eva V. on Care.com 10-15-15

Stacey Carriger at Ladder Learning Services, in Altanta GA, is an answer to my prayers! I have a doctorate in the Psychology of Reading from Temple University and have been the head of an Independent School for Children with Learning Disabilities, The Hillside School in Macungie, PA. After years of teaching I know that many children come to school ready-to-read or alreadgy reading. However, there are those who have no strategies to sound out words and are in dire need of phonics instruction. When it became apparent that my granddaughter in GA has dyslexic tendencies, I began a long-distance crusade to fiind a tutor with phonological awareness training. Stacey has all the credientials from her training in several phonics-based programs to address reading problems! She makes learning fun while starting at the beginning to identify, address and remediate reading difficulties. Hurray!! I give Ladder Learning Services LLC, in Atlanta 10 Stars, my granddaughter’s future and my heart!” -Dr. Sue Straeter

“Tutoring over Skype has been an excellent solution for my middle-school son. Ladder Learning Services is efficient and knowledgeable – but they are also warm and caring, adding up to a great learning experience for my son. (services used are Orton-Gillingham lessons and [Winston] Grammar for learning differences and dyslexia.)”
-Jen A. on Thumbtack.com 7/14/15

“Alex had learned so much from [Dite] and Ellen and the program does work. He went from failing to all A’s and B’s. He is now a happy, confident and smart little man. Thanks for bringing that out in him. Ellen is great! She is so good with him and can always get him to do his best.
We will always appreciate your help with Alex.
Our very best to all if you”
-The Clarke family 1/16/15

“We’re a client of Ladder Learning Services and my 9 year old son absolutely love the online tutoring sessions conducted by Dite. He does the Orton Gillingham program that includes spelling and all sorts of games. I have seen a great improvement with him on his spelling and decoding words with his reading. Thanks Ladder Learning Services for helping my son!!!! -Consuela W. 5/6/2014 on Thumbtack.com

Dite worked with our 5 year old son the summer before he started a very academic challenging school in Atlanta. In a few short months he was reading well above his age level. He is excelling in reading at his new school.” -L. Saedi 12/26/2013 posted on Thumbtack.com

“Very professional. Goals were outlined for my son who was diagnosed with dyslexia. With each success, his confidence has grown. Reading level has increased three grade levels in one year. Homework is no longer a struggle at home but is completed at school. My son says his tutoring sessions are fun and looks forward to his sessions. ” -E. Ledbetter 12/26/2013 posted on Thumbtack.com

“This is [our son’s] first progress report this year… it is all A’s and B’s! What an improvement especially since he wasn’t even supposed to be promoted to 2nd grade. We are so proud of all of his hard work and we know that your tutoring has made a huge difference.
Thanks to you and Ellen for all that you do.” –K. and C. Clarke 9/18/13

“I wish we had found you last year … We had [our son] tutored 3 times a week at school and he has learned more from you in a month ! He is keeping up with your homework, has finished most of his summer packet and has even read 100 pages of one of his 2 books … You will get my highest recommendations” -A. Townsend 7/4/2013

“We had our first experience with Stacey today and I would just like to say what a pleasure. She has such a great attitude and J. loves to spend time with her.
Also I want you to know, you and your team are some of the most professional and organized people I have met. From emails responses to the tutoring management system, it really is refreshing to work with such wonderful people.” -Jess 6/2013

“My son has benefitted greatly from his tutoring here. We went to another tutor for quite awhile with little results. So happy we found Ladder Learning Services!! It is heartbreaking to watch your child fall behind due to a learning disability, I was truly frustrated! Now he has confidence in his work and has increased his grades at school and best of all he enjoys it! Highly recommend!” -Lisa H. 4/16/2013

“[O.] has been reading his Bob books every night and is really trying to push himself with learning new words. My husband and I have been really impressed with how well he sounds out a word then puts it together quickly, not getting bogged down in sounding out the letters. He’s made a lot of progress…[O.] seems to look forward to his time with Ellen and I think she’s doing a great job.” -E. Pearson 11/19/12

“For the first time, my son has begun to get A’s and B’s on his report card in language arts. Dite is extremely patient and caring. Dite’s patience and persistance have given my son the boost in confidence that he needed to become a better student. Although my son has had many tutors and special ed teachers none of them have been able to spark my son’s interest like Dite has.”
-Mrs. Shawn Moreira 11/5/09

“My 5th grader has dysgraphia, so writing is difficult for him. For years, writing assignments were met with procrastination followed by tears. Since he started working with Dite all that has changed. Dite breaks things down, provides rules to guide the process and serves as a creative and enthusiastic guide. She makes writing fun and challenging (in a good way.) Dite turned my son into a child who actually enjoys writing and who continues to improve his writing performance every week.”
-Bonnie Klein 11/9/09

“Both kids have made amazing strides. We have seen a notable difference in my son’s reading abilities which the school is impressed with. Dite comes very prepared with lesson plans and brings fun learning tools for the kids to use. The kids really enjoy Dite and often fight as to who gets to tutor with her first. I have been very impressed with Dite and grateful to her for the immediate improvement seen in both kids. I highly recommend her!”
-Tisha M. (on Care.com) 11/16/2009

“Having a tutor makes my life easier!”
-J.H., 8 years old

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