This video is a great short primer on dysgraphia (AKA: Specific Learning Disability in Writing):

Watch Dr. Sheldon Horowitz talk about dysgraphia, or “Disorder of Written Expression:”

At Ladder Learning Services, we understand dysgraphia. In fact, our director has the condition, and has learned many different ways to overcome and work around it.

We always start with an initial assessment and customized tutoring plan for each student.

For handwriting skills development, we use Handwriting Without Tears (r) for pre-writing skills, as well as print and cursive.

For spelling skills, we use the best Orton-Gillingham programs to develop the student’s understanding of spelling rules and patterns.

For written expression skills, we make a customized tutoring plan based on several renowned written expression programs, including:

  • Winston Grammar
  • The Complete Writer: Writing With Ease
  • Writing Skills (by Diana Hanbury King)
  • Teaching Writing: Structure and Style

We use visual-spatial skills programs and handwriting accessories (grips, special paper) as needed.

We also have many supplemental activities and games that our students use to learn writing and handwriting skills (and we try to make it as fun as possible!)

Please contact us for an initial assessment to see which of these programs is right for you/your child.

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