Orton-Gillingham 4-in-a-row Game

Multisensory Monday: Happy Fall!

Happy Fall everyone, and welcome back to Multisensory Monday!

Special thanks to Melissa Tremblay Brimmer for today’s idea! Melissa is a classroom teacher for children with Language-Based Learning Disabilities in Massachusetts, and an AOGPE Associate. She was kind enough to share this simple game idea with me so that other O-G tutors can use it. I have especially enjoyed using this game with my online O-G students this past week! It is endlessly adaptable, and would make a great center for a classroom.

The game is played somewhat like the game “connect 4” but with a twist (rolling a die) to make it more random. You can use it to practice any spelling or phonics skill that you are currently working on.

You will need:
4-in-a-row Gameboard
Several chips or other tokens for each player
a 6-sided die

Pick a concept to work on, and write the (real or nonsense) words in the squares on the game board. Here are some example ideas to get you started:

To play:
Youngest player starts. Each player picks a color of chips. Roll the die, then choose a word from the corresponding column on the die roll. Read the word (or call out the missing letters for the word) and place a chip on that word. Play goes back and forth until someone gets 4 in a row!

Variations: I like to leave off the 6th column and just have 5 columns, and when a 6 is rolled, the player can choose any column (like a “Wild Card”).

My students all love this game and it’s a fun way to mix up the reading/spelling practice for your students!

Since I was in the process of moving, I missed linking a few of Sarah’s recent posts, so please go check them out now:

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Disclaimer: this game is to be freely shared for educational use only NOT commercial purposes. Connect 4 is a registered trademark of Hasbro, and this game is not endorsed by them.

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  1. Heather Groce says:

    You could also get a cheap dry erase board and make your columns with washi tape or something similar.Then you would be able to write the words in dry erase marker to change it for
    different students/different sessions.

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