Multisensory Monday: Ending Blends Floss Rule BINGO

Do your students struggle with ending blends? Help your students sound out words with ending consonant blends and also practice the Floss spelling rule with this fun BINGO game.

You can make the cards with this handy free bingo maker. Print, cut, and laminate the cards and use wipe-off markers or BINGO chips to mark them.

Ending Blends Bingo

Here is what to input in the 5 columns (notice the spacing between blends vs digraphs):
l m
l t
n t
s t
p t

n d
n ch
s k
s p
m p

f th
d th
ng th
l d
f t

l f
l p
p s
n k
n th

f f
l l
s s
z z
c t

In your program, the ff, ll, ss, and zz may not be thought of as separate, so modify as necessary. As much as possible, I used short vowels. I included some especially tricky ending blends like the -fth in “fifth” for some extra challenging practice (these types of words are included in the Barton system Level 3), but if your students are not ready for that maybe you would want to replace those with some beginning blends instead.

Print out these Ending Blends BINGO calling cards, and have your student figure out what letters belong on the line, then search their BINGO cards for that blend. Every blend (except one if you have a free space) will appear on every card.

Play until a student gets BINGO, or go for Blackout, an X-shape or other pattern. You could easily play this 1-on-1, with a small group, a whole class, or make it a center in your classroom!

Sarah’s post today is a great idea for “Slicing Syllables” to make the phonological awareness task of counting syllables more multisensory! We often have students who do not pass “Part B” of the Barton Screener and need to work with them on this particular skill, so it could be used if you are tutoring a student with that profile.

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