Multisensory Monday: Sight Words Salt Box

Because you can never have too many ways to practice sight words, I’m re-creating something I saw on Pinterest and liked a lot, a “salt box” for writing sight words.

You will need a long, skinny box (I am using the box from my Patricia Cunningham Counting Words kit, which was a perfect size/shape), some fancy “Duck Tape” or contact paper, and scissors. You will also need some salt to fill the box up when you are done.

Salt Box

To make the box, you simply line the bottom with your Duck Tape or contact paper (3 strips did nicely for this box) and then fill with salt (or sand, rice, or something else if you like). Have your students use their finger, a pencil eraser-side down, or a paintbrush to draw words in the box. Have them say the letters out loud as they spell the word to incorporate the auditory sense.

Since the box is nice and large you can work on longer sight words. Here is the word “father” which I did with a fingertip:
Sight Word Salt Box

Hope you all have a great MLK Jr. day and don’t forget to visit Sarah’s page today, where she has a cute “go fish” game for practicing words with the letter f!

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