Multisensory Monday: Winter Holiday ending sound memory

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying some time off. I have a few students over break so I am still tutoring. Today I created a simple memory game to work on ending sounds with a winter/winter holidays (Christmas and Hanukkah) theme.

Note: This game has been removed due to copyright issues.

Print out this sheet on cardstock, and cut along the lines. You should end up with 20 cards. Your students do not need to be able to read yet to play this game, but the text on the cards is to help you remember what the picture is. Mix the cards up and lay them out in a grid and take turns flipping two cards over to see if their ending sounds match (note: they may or may not rhyme!).

Here are the matches and sounds in the game:
long-o (snow-bow)
l (bell-dreidel)
long-e (tree-Frosty)
schwa/short-u sound (Santa-menorah)
soft th (wreath-hearth)
k (snowflake-fruitcake)
f (Rudolph-elf)
r (reindeer-polar bear)
z (cookies-stockings)
t (nut-gelt)

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