Ellen working with K. on blending with bumpy letters

We specialize in working with struggling readers!

We are now scheduling fall sessions with our specialists in reading, writing, handwriting, and math. Fill out the form below or call Stacey at 706-575-1743.

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Our experienced tutors are available for in-home tutoring in the following locations: Jonesboro, NE Atlanta, John’s Creek, Norcross. We have specialists for private school admissions preparation and PreK/Kindergarten-readiness. We have specialists for ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, math learning disability, auditory processing, and struggling readers.

If you suspect your child might have dyslexia we offer a FREE screening for any child in Kindergarten or 1st Grade. This assessment takes about 15 minutes, and will give your child a score ranging from low-risk to high-risk for dyslexia. It does not provide a diagnosis, but will tell you whether further testing is warranted. Please call Stacey Carriger at (706) 575-1743 to make an appointment.



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